Facebook Advertising For Your Listings

Get the most out of Facebook advertising with a listing video

Facebook Advertising with Video

There is no doubt that there is so much noise on Facebook and sometimes it can be hard to break through. In fact, out of all Facebook users that like your Facebook page, less than 10% will actually see your posts but there are a few methods to get past Facebook's algorithm:

  1. Engaging people on their posts from your personal account
  2. Utilize Facebook features that are favored by the algorithm
  3. Or, use Facebook's advertising platform

To quickly explain an algorithm, it is a code that Facebook uses to identify what posts will be most important to you and then displays those post on your newsfeed. Nobody knows what factors are weighed more than others or what the code is exactly. We just know it's there and that is why Facebook's newsfeed is not in a chronological order.

The next quick explanation is the difference between boosting Facebook posts and using Facebook's advertising platform, the Power Editor.

Boosting posts can be great for general awareness but it is a lot like taking shots in the dark. I've heard of people finding success through boosting posts but there are more targeted ways to hit the bullseye and that is through the Power Editor. 

Both platforms allow you to select target demographics but the Power Editor has more features such as creating multiple adsets, variations of ads, and retargeting those who have engaged with your advertisement more than others. The last part is key to advertising your listings.

What You Need:

  • Listing video
  • Website dedicated to the listing
  • Marketing Budget
  • Facebook Business Page 
  • Facebook Business Manager Account
  • And, Patience

The Strategy

So, you took a new listing? Depending on your market you may not have to advertise the property because it will sell fast enough. This strategy is for properties with a high listing price for your market or a large development with multiple units.

If that is the case, you can use the Power Editor to advertise and retarget the audience that engages with your advertisement the most. One of the best ways to do this is to create a listing video for your property, and a variation that showcases the best features in ~60 seconds.

From here on out, we could dive into the analytics of your advertisement and find out how much of your audience viewed over 75% of the video. This will be the audience that we retarget.

When we retarget the most engaged subset we want to have a call-to-action such as "Learn More" or "Schedule a Showing." This link will take them to a landing page with some information but not too much information. Remember, the goal is still to capture their contact information so your landing page needs to be enticing enough for visitors to fill out their contact information in a form that you can access.

By this point in the sales funnel you will have a lead that has showed interest in your listing by watching the video, revealed they wanted more information by clicking into your website, and willingly submitted their contact information. Now it is up to you to continue to work that lead and close.