Messenger Bots for Real Estate

Nothing can replace a real human relationship but bots can certainly supplement that relationship

Messenger Bot Facebook

At the end of the day, nothing can beat a human's touch, but a bot can certainly come close. 

If you work in real estate you already know you can't unplug. Whether you go on vacation, want a day with your kids, or just a day off to sit on the couch and end the day in the same position you started, it doesn't matter. You have to be there for your clients. 

For some, the answer is to hire an administrator but not everyone can and nothing makes you want to smash a keyboard more than an automated email response. We all know that the key to referrals is great service but we also need time to ourselves and the only thing worse than bad service is no service.

What could possibly be the solution to the problem? Well, one answer could be Facebook Messenger bots. Even if it's not the exact solution, you can get partial credit for trying.

Let's discuss how this could benefit you

The simple solution is to answer basic questions or help you collect lead information. Take a look at how the Golden State Warriors use their Messenger bot.

Golden State Warriors Messenger Chat Bot

The purpose of their Messenger bot is to provide information to fans and to sign them up for their newsletter. This is awesome because no one has to manage every basic question that the Golden State Warrior's Facebook Messenger receives. Did I forget to mention that you can program your bot to provide certain responses to different messages?

For example, if you go on vacation with your family and you're in the middle of a transaction you can advise your client to message your business page on Facebook. You can then program the bot to welcome the guest and ask them what property they would like information on. Your client would then type in the property they're purchasing and you can set the bot to reply with the date of the inspection, financial commitment, closing, etc.

Now, this isn't perfect service but it's a better than poor service and a whole lot better than no service at all. You saved your client another keyboard by not leaving them in the dark with an automated reply. This is actually a perfect segue into my next point.

While you can't program your Messenger bot to conversate the same way humans would, you don't necessarily need to. The goal is to alleviate some of the questions and if a client really needs you then they can always email you. 

This is just one use for a Messenger bot. You can program it to lead generate, show off your listings, build your database/newsletter, or all of the above. 

In fact, it's not extremely challenging to create a Messenger bot. A great marketing company called Hubspot loves to teach people how to create a bot. (This is also a perfect example of how a bot can be effective)

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