8 Ways to Get More Out of Facebook

Believe it or not, social media can make us more social

Get More from Facebook

We've all heard it a million times. Those darn Millennials and their technology are ruining everything. Well, believe it or not, it's all in how you use social media. Luckily for real estate agents, social media is a major tool to help you become more social and build stronger relationships with people. 

Let's face it if you are a real estate agent you are most likely busy from dusk until dawn. Thank goodness we can leverage social media to take advantage of our time (or lack thereof). All it takes is patience and a genuine interest in what others are doing (some may call this being social)

You may be thinking "Well, I'm on social media but I still haven't received any leads or clients." If that is the case then this article is for you.

1. Interact With Your Friends

Just because you're on Facebook doesn't mean that social standards don't apply. If you don't interact with your friends on Facebook then they won't interact with you. Likewise, if you don't spend time with your friends in real life then they will not extend invitations to you.

2. Utilize Custom Friend Lists

We all like some people better than others and that is okay. We also favor some past clients over others. Unfortunately, failing to interact with past clients after a closing is one of the leading reasons you are not receiving referrals. Here is the answer to your problem: Create a custom friend lists of your past clients so that way you can see only their posts and take time to interact with them. If you continue to be their friend then you will receive referrals.

3. Join Facebook Groups That Interest You

We all have a group of people that we call for referrals but at one point we might have had to cold-call to find leads. This also holds true for Facebook. Sometimes we have to make friends from a group that we have had no prior affiliation with. It's time to recall your grade school days and remember how you made friends. Here's a hint: you either found something you had in common or you didn't. Find a local group of something you are interested in and join it. Just remember if the first thing you do is write a post (That is also off-topic) about being a real estate agent then nobody will like you. Build a relationship and come from contribution first.

4. Attend Popular Events You Find on Facebook

Facebook has an awesome tab called Events. This tab will show you all of the local events that are popular with your friends. It's a great way to find out how many people are going to an even. by the way, you get bonus points add people on Facebook that you met at an event.

5. Livestream and Post Videos

This one is tougher. It's not easy for everyone to record themselves and then willingly post it to social media but I promise you it will pay off. This is a great way to build relationships in a more personal way. Words on a screen are great but a video of you talking to your friends is worth so much more.

6. Write Short and Long Form Status Updates

Sometimes a short and sweet update gets the job done. Other times a long post about your day and how you're feeling can draw more engagement from your friends. That post doesn't even have to be about you. It could be about how happy you are for one of your clients that just closed on a new home. You could also tag your client in the post and then watch as their friends also comment. Next thing you know you have so many opportunities to interact with others in the comments.

7. Post Photos and Create Photo Albums

Instagram is a great platform for this but it is still useful to post your photos to Facebook. It's just another way to let your friends know how you're doing and they will appreciate the personal interaction. In fact, they will probably appreciate it much more than your post letting people know that you would love to perform a CMA on their property.

8. Have Personal Conversations on Messenger

Nothing beats a direct conversation with a friend. Don't forget to set time aside to have conversations with people and show them that you care. It will make both of your days better.

Bonus: Ask For The Sale!

From time to time, feel free to direct message your friends on Facebook and ask them for a referral. Just make sure you have built up equity in your relationship first!