Why You NEED to Segment Your Friend List

If engagement is the key to finding leads on Facebook then engaging the right people is the lock

The Lock On Facebook Leads

We all have the key to obtaining leads on Facebook and that is engagement. However, not every lock can be opened with your key. Without analogies, all that means is not everyone will give you a referral. Should you stop engaging with them entirely? Probably not, and as long as you're actively using all of Facebook's features you will end up on their newsfeed without even knowing. However, you should find the segments of your Facebook friends list that have a higher probability of leading to a transaction.

Here are a few examples of segments you should have:

  • Past clients
  • People that have referred business
  • Leads

People that have had experience with your business or are likely to do business with you are great candidates for a list. These are the people you want to engage with often on Facebook and if you need to be convinced then let's look at the statistics:

Buyers Working With Real Estate Professionals

  • In 2016, 88% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker
  • 88% would use their agent again or refer them to others
  • Only 11% actually used an agent they previously worked with

Selling Homes through a Real Estate Professional

  • 64% of people found their listing agent through a referral
  • The typical seller referred their agent 2 times and 33% referred their agent 3 or more times
  • 85% said they would definitely or probably refer their agent

*Data provided by NAR report

It should be clear now that if you are not engaging with your past clients, and referrers then you are probably missing out on tons of business. If you list 20 houses in one year and the average likelihood of receiving a referral was 85% then it is safe to assume you should receive 34 more listings in the future.

So, how can I receive more referrals?

Engage with your past clients, referrers, and leads more! 

Don't you hate it when someone uses you to look at properties over the weekend and they had no intention of actually purchasing? Well, everyone hates feeling like they were used. If you stop engaging with your past clients, and referrers they will stop sending you business.

And if you don't receive a referral then, according to NAR, it is most likely because your past client forgot about you or cannot find your contact information. This is why I love Facebook. It has never been easier to get in touch with someone, especially if they're commenting on nearly all of your Facebook posts.

So, create a segmented list of past clients and referrers to consistently stay on their mind.

What about leads?

Leads are no different, especially if they are leads that need to be nurtured but the number one thing you must remember about a lead is.... 

They're still humans

Think about this -- we all have that one annoying friend on Facebook who is negative and complains about their life. No one wants to talk to that friend.

Don't be that friend who spams them with real estate.

When nurturing a lead on Facebook, try to comment on everything they post that you have in common. Whether they enjoy biking on the weekend, watching the Patriots, or reading a solid book, be sure to comment on it.

When it comes time to talk about business it can be something as simple as posting a link to a house on their profile. The whole purpose of engaging with leads on Facebook is to win them with your personality first. Save your 36-point marketing plans or buyer consultations for the appointment.

The last note, don't forget to ask.

Ask for the appointment. Ask for the referral. Just ask.